KRIAS Communication Group


The competently developed strategy is the key to success. Speaking of advertising business, the problem of strategy planning is the hottest one.

Advertising strategy is a complex which includes the development of:

  • brand concept;
  • its market position;
  • vital stages of communicating with consumers;
  • the after-promotion stage.

Nowadays, in a highly competent environment of any possible market, the ignorance or violation of aforecited stages of brand promotion can lead to disastrous results in general. It is extremely important to have strategy planning at reliable specialists' hands.

KRIAS Communication Group offers you the development and full implementation of each planned stage of brand promotion strategy. We will form and set advertising and communication tasks, with their optimal solutions. We fulfill these tasks considering our clients' aims and capabilities.

KRIAS Communication Group has recourse to various advertising instruments which give the possibility to solve many different problems that occur in the course of achieving the aims of general strategy.