KRIAS Communication Group

Promotional Clothing

It is impossible to imagine a competent consumer promotion without the participation of personnel. A well-trained promoter is able to achieve excellent results; nevertheless an important factor in his performance is his promotional clothing.

About 80% of information is perceived by sight, so the promotional clothing should be colorful and eye-catching to attract people’s attention. It is important for promotional clothing to go with the corporate image of the company and contain company logo and colors. It is also desirable for promotional clothing to be pleasant to look at and have functional qualities.

Promotional clothing should make a positive impression on the customer, increase brand or product recognition; it should also be distinctive apart from others. In addition, fashionable clothes of high quality can serve as an element of corporate identity and give employees the feeling of belonging to corporate culture.

KRIAS Communication Group can offer you the design and production of promotional clothing. We take into account all the features of your brand, your corporative identity, and fashion trends.