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POS (Point of sale) materials - is a definition for advertisements intended for attracting attention and promoting brands (goods, services) exactly at points of sale. The main aim of POS-materials is in motivating the customer to make a purchase.

The advantages of POS-materials advertising is in it's instant effect - the potential customer makes his decision here and now. The POS-materials promote the product via advertisement information and thus facilitate the customers' choice.

The necessity of POS-materials' installation is approved by marketing researchers: about 65% of purchasing decisions is made exactly at the point of sales. In fact, point-of-sale-materials is a “finale” in a complex advertising campaign of a separate brand or product.

POS-materials, which are produced by KRIAS Communication Group are of great quality, reliability and durability - since we have solid production facilities to be proud of. We will do our best in making your points of sale to be of great promotional importance!