KRIAS Communication Group


Printing industry is one of the most significant cycles in the production of promotional products in graphical and tabular format. Printing allows you to replicate products, mostly designed to advertise in BTL, but advertising tools of ATL (like outdoor ads) also involve the polygraphy.

The distinct advantage of printing industry is the ability to get a large number of promotional materials in a short time period having a small budget. In addition, modern methods of printing art and used materials let store printing products for a long time; they are also mobile and ecological.

The printing house manufactures printed products. Production is proceeded in three stages: preparation of the materials, the very printing itself and finishing the made production.

The range of printing industry is very wide and various today. KRIAS Communication Group has got capable manufacturing facilities to produce printing of any format. You can be assured of good quality and strict deadlines, if you make an order in our company.