KRIAS Communication Group

Trade Promotion

Trade promotion is a system of marketing communications, aimed to increase the loyalty of distributors within all the phases of product distribution. This system of "promotion" involves a lot of tools, such as sales promotion, direct remuneration, staff audit and many others.

A key feature of trade "promotion" is the systemic effect within all levels of goods or services distribution at the market. If you need to realize your products successfully, you should convey certain information to the final customer competently. In ideal, all the links in this trade chain should be interested in this process.

If you want to organize the conclusion of a new product to market wisely and efficiently, to increase sales through a specific channel, to make the sale of residuals, you need to carry out constant monitoring within all levels of distribution.

The implementation of the trade "promotion" with the support of KRIAS Communication Group is going to establish sales channels, create a functional and loyal network that will significantly increase the presence of your product at the market.

Bonuses Loyalty programs Contest and raffle
  • Presenting gifts to sales staff for well-done job
  • Effective tool to increase sales
  • Point system development and implementation
  • Allows to get sales staff interested in goods sale
  • Allows to increase sellers’ interest
  • Carried out by the supplier or retail outlet
  • May include loyalty programs and creative ideas
  • Allows to increase seller’s incentive
Mystery shopper
  • Monitoring of compliance with conditions or performance shares
  • Rewarding the sales staff
  • Gives good possibilities to gain objective information
  • Improves the efficiency of carried action
  • Helps to motivate sales staff