KRIAS Communication Group

Event Marketing

Event marketing is supposed to be the most extraordinary promotional tool of our time which has got social orientation in an unobtrusive way. The aim of event marketing is to create an effective emotional connection between the brand and the consumer.

Ideally, in the process of this connection with the consumer, brand loyalty should be developed. This means that the goal of event marketing is to provoke consumers’ positive emotions.

Such events can be very different, depending on certain target audience and advertiser’s expectations:

  • business events (seminars, exhibitions, conferences);
  • informative events (presentations, premieres);
  • entertainment events (events, concerts).

Event marketing is of a clear organizational scheme, it also involves the other advertising tools. Here's a brief summary of this scheme - announcement, conducting and receiving feedback. If this event isn’t organized fully and properly, the effectiveness of the event will not be complete. KRIAS Communication Group has got great experience in event marketing and can offer quality and comprehensive implementation of your event.