KRIAS Communication Group

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is a more personalized method of influence, which is opposed to media advertising. The final consumers (B2C) and representatives of the business environment (B2B) are the message recipients.

The database is the basis for direct marketing. It is formed in two ways - either for a specific advertising campaign or the existing one is audited, with the subsequent update. The database includes only the target audience, so Ā«casualĀ» consumers of advertising information are excluded.

Direct marketing uses the following tools:

  • mailing;
  • fax-mailing;
  • e-mailing;
  • courier service;
  • SMS-MMS dispatch;
  • telemarketing.

A key feature of direct marketing is the ability to receive feedback, this helps to conduct market analysis. Direct marketing in partnership with KRIAS Communication Group will give you brilliant opportunities for creative experimentation, as well as for data collection and analysis of the effectiveness of your promotional campaigns.