KRIAS Communication Group

Consumer Promotion

Consumer promotion is one of the methods to stimulate consumers' interest in your product or service. This type of advertising communications is considered to be the closest to the customers.

The main criterion of successful "promotion" is to offer the consumer goods in the right place and time. It is very hard to overestimate the importance of the information the consumer obtains during the action. In fact, all of the above mentioned is done to create a positive attitude toward the brand.

Consumer promotion is primarily based on the proposed benefits of your products. The effectiveness of "promotion" and the consumer’s confidence is going to increase if the profit is instant ("here and now") or with a little delay.

Contact the KRIAS Communication Group to conclude partnership in BTL industry! Thanks to our qualified promotion, your final consumer forms the most detailed view of your products or services and thus the positive personal evaluation will be created.

Bonuses Testing Contest and raffle
  • Gift with purchase (GWP) at the time of shopping
  • Presenting gifts at the center of the prizes
  • Food products tasting
  • Products’ functionality demonstration
  • Presenting a limited number of prizes
  • National coverage
Сonsultations Sampling Distribution
  • Customers informing
  • Assistance for goods selection
  • Products samples distribution
  • Can be accompanied by promotional materials distribution
  • Mostly used in combination with other types of incentives
Coupon system Accumulative discounts program In-pack, on-pack
  • Distribution of discount purchase coupons
  • Price reduction for re-purchasing
  • Co–programs
  • Earning prizes for points
  • Re-purchasing discounts
  • Loyalty cards
  • Distribution of special offers on / in pack
  • Co-programs