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The conception of BTL means a set of marketing communications which aim is to achieve direct contact with the consumer. BTL is opposite to ATL which is considered to be aggressive and intrusive, while BTL method is much less intense in fact and has to achieve contact or a dialogue with the consumer.

It is mistakenly to consider that BTL plays a minor role in the advertising business. BTL helps to achieve a deeper integration of the brand or product into the consumer mass thanks to its promotional tools. A key goal of BTL is to provoke consumers' interest in the product.

The main advantage of BTL is an opportunity to affect a certain segment of the consumer audience. Thus, you can make a lot of people get interested in your product using the minimal promotional resources.

It goes without saying that BTL is gaining popularity nowadays, so KRIAS Communication Group is working hard in this field with the greatest impact and stunning results. If you choose us, the effectiveness of your brand promotion will be really maximized!