KRIAS Communication Group

Press Advertising

Press advertising is not an example of rapid growth nowadays, but it is still considered to be solid and reliable ATL instrument. The main advantage of press over digital media is it's “palpability”, the possibility to be physically at one's hand. This means that the advertisement will always be with the person who has an issue of a newspaper or magazine.

Press advertising has taken different forms in the course of it's development. These are graphic units, text-modules; it can be implicit advertising taking forms of articles and reviews. The placement of different inserts, probes and enclosures into the printed production is also popular.

Press advertising is segmented quite distinctly. Capturing target audience is simpler than with the help of any other advertising instruments. The specialization of a printed medium provides you with the facts about target audience – and it is a main factor to make out the decision about placing the advertisements.

Moreover, while the printed medium gains prestige, the readers put their trust on it – and thus the effect of press advertising gets positive too. The experience of KRIAS Communication Group is the key in analyzing and choosing printed media for your advertising campaigns – you will hit the target!