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Cinema Advertising

Nowadays, cinemas are one of the most popular places of leisure. Different market analysts claim that cinema advertising deserves recognition as a peculiar ATL instrument. The fact is, that the market growth of cinema advertising is 60% per year – it gives way to TV and Internet only.

Well then, what exactly is cinema advertising, and what is the reason of its growing popularity?

Most of all, cinema advertising consists of digital blocks: video and audio, but the polygraphy is essential too. Wide specter of advertising mechanisms is involved into the process of affecting the consumers.

Concerning the benefits, cinema advertising provides 100% audience coverage – everyone, who comes to watch the movie, watches the advertisement too. Moreover, at least 60% of cinema visitors recall these ads later. The psychological advantage of cinema advertising consists in the fact that people visit cinemas in search of positive emotions – and that's why the advertisement is perceived positively too.

KRIAS Communication Group presents you the perfect conditions of advertisement placement: due to the great volume of orders and long partnership, you'll get even more benefits than in the cinemas directly!