KRIAS Communication Group

TV Advertising

Television advertising has the widest and most dynamically developing market of all the existing media – according to the statistics, the overall market growth is about 76% per year. Television possesses inexhaustible abilities of consumer affection: video- and audio-blocks, dynamics, high recall level – that's all the TV commercials are famous for.

And still, this is not all about direct affection! Television advertising suggests sponsorship and product placement (the appearance of products during the broadcast). These formats of advertising gain popularity - they are much harder to ignore than direct commercials.

Television advertising is not cheap, but it is really effective. The price for the advertisement is a sum of many factors: channel or program popularity, broadcast time, geographical coverage and so on.

According to that, media-planning on TV is the key factor which can make each advertising campaign successful. KRIAS Communication Group can offer you the most beneficial terms of television media-buying. You will save your money and inform your potential customers in a correct way.