KRIAS Communication Group

Radio Advertising

Radio advertising is sound only, broadcasted via radio-waves. It affects people more at the emotional level; it is not perceived straightly. It is due to the fact that most people listen to the radio while doing something else. Thus, the radio is perceived as a background. The aim of effective radio advertising is to break through other sound information - into the listener's consciousness.

The advantage of radio as an advertising instrument is in its availability and popularity. Radio is listened by drivers, office workers, vacationists and others. Radio advertising can reach your audience easily while it is not too disturbing and can be produced quickly.

Although the new media develop rapidly, the radio shouldn't be disregarded. Many people consider it to be their favorite medium. More than that, the prices for radio advertising are quite affordable.

Radio advertising has a variety of types: simple ads and announcements, jingles, theme debates, contests and much more. KRIAS Communication Group is greatly experienced in radio advertising. We are pleased to offer you the cooperation in its production and placement.