KRIAS Communication Group

Outdoor Advertising

Everyone of us, being out of home, is inevitably in contact with outdoor advertising. During the years of it's development, outdoor advertising became the commonplace of almost every inhabited locality.

Outdoor advertising is an essential part of any brand or product promotion campaign. One can imagine its global effectiveness, while even not being a worldly-wise marketing expert. We are always bound to move (walk, run, ride!) somewhere outside our homes – and certainly we encounter different formats of outdoor advertisements everywhere on our route.

There is a lot of certain conditions, under which outdoor advertising can become more effective – it should be brief, clear and readable on the move. But the most essential thing is, that it must be situated in a place with high traffic – to be seen by everyone.

Outdoor advertising is made up of different types. KRIAS Communication Group is experienced in planning and placing outdoor advertisements of any complexity: billboards, super-sites, posters, city-formats, roof constructions, digital screens and more than that.