KRIAS Communication Group


ATL stands for «Above the Line». It is quite popular term in advertising business. ATL unites many different aspects of advertising: TV commercials, press, radio, cinema, Internet, outdoor.

Means of ATL advertising are considered to be truly indispensable. They are most instrumental in effective product or brand promotion campaigns. And that's why the percentage of ATL makes about 60-75% in most of major companies' advertising budgets.

The greatest ATL advantage is in reaching the overall audience, with the possibility of direct effect. The major part of this process is played by the mass media advertisement. A lot of companies promote their products and services to a drastically new level – and they give credit to the means of media.

The advertising instruments, which are concerned to be ATL, are involved into the constant upgrade process. The “new-media” establishment takes place – where the Internet is a basis.

KRIAS Communication Group has got great experience in working with all of the ATL advertising instruments. We supervise the whole process – from concept creations till production and media-buying.